Popular Dishes and Drinks in Costa Rica

Buy Dyn-A-Med Laboratory Aluminum Pan, – While attending language school in Costa Rica, you should be sure to do more than just study! It is also important to learn about local culture and experience local cuisine. Costa Rican food uses plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and is very good for you. So if you decide to learn Spanish in Costa Rica, you have a delicious experience ahead of you.

When you first arrive in the country, you might be expecting for the food to be spicy. However, this is not actually the case, as most people in the country are not fans of hot food. One simple item that you will see quite commonly is called gallo pinto. This staple food is made from rice and black beans. This meal is expensive and very prevalent. Although gallo pinto sounds simple, it is very delicious.

typical Costa Rican lunch is the one-plate meal called casado. The national dish of Costa Rica, casado is a serving of fish, pork, or chicken, accompanied by a salad and a side of rice and beans. Tortillas and cheese often accompany this meal. Another extremely popular dish is Arroz con Pollo or chicken with rice, with a Russian Salad on the side. This type of salad is made of eggs, mayonnaise, beets and potatoes.

condiment that you will see quite often when you are in language school in Costa Rica is called Salsa Lizaon. This is a brown sauce that is a bit sweet and spicy. This sauce is commonly used in gallo pinto and tamales, as well as in a variety of other dishes. In addition to spices, sugar and salt, Salsa Lizano also contains onions, cucumbers, carrots and cauliflower.

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